Whale Shark Watching in Oslob Cebu Reopens


Oslob Cebu has been famous worldwide for so many years because of the whale shark watching activity that they are doing in the area. It started in late 2011 and that is more than 10 years ago when a foreigner who happened to be staying in the area saw these whale sharks near the shore and he was able to take beautiful photos and videos. The next few months, he uploaded those photos and videos and went viral on the internet. The locals start to feed the whale sharks and foreigners come to the local town to swim with these gentle giants.

Prior to Covid, there isn’t a day that tourists won’t come to Oslob just to see the whale sharks. Then the pandemic started in March 2020 and the operations on feeding the whale sharks stopped and there are literally zero guests coming to see the sharks.

It has been hard for the tourism industry globally including the Philippines. Locals start to work and get another option just to have an income and feed their families. Many people suffer from the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus.

In early 2022, the whale shark’s operation has started to reopen to international tourists and there are lots of foreigners coming to the town just to see and swim with the whale sharks. 

Locals in the town are happy again because they are seeing a future when the covid pandemic ends. They will be able to have a better income to put food on their table. 

The government also supports the locals to have income by providing them livelihood while the Covid-19 is still out there.

How much is the entrance fee for the whale sharks?

As of February 2022, the entrance fee of the whale sharks has changed and is now fixed to P500 per person. So, it doesn’t matter anymore if you are from other parts of the world or a local from the Philippines, because you will have to pay the same rate.

You should not miss the whale sharks in Oslob, this is a must-see when you have your vacation in the Cebu Philippines.

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