Travelport Worldwide Ltd provides distribution, technology, and payment solutions for the travel and tourism industry. The world is changing. The travel industry must change with it. We’re on a mission to reinvent travel retailing, and to make it simpler and more profitable for everyone. Travelport packages deliver the tools you need to search, book, and engage with your travelers. As you can see from the table below, different packages offer specific capabilities according to your agency size and needs. Our suite of packages can be scaled to meet your requirements and will grow with you.

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Travelport Top 8 Products details for Travel Agencies:

1. Travelport API:

Growing a travel business, or enhancing your offering, shouldn’t come at a huge cost. Travelport APIs can help you unlock the content you need to scale, with one simple, standards-based programming set of interfaces. Unfamiliar with using travel APIs? Ours are easy and quick to integrate, test, and go live — with instant, impressive results.
travelport API

2. Travelport Automated Exchange:

Travelport Automated Exchanges is a plugin that works with Smartpoint Desktop. It automatically calculates the new price for a “voluntary” (that is, passenger requested) change of an e-ticket. It uses historical data, current fares, and rules to re-price a revised itinerary.

travelport Automated Exchnage


3. Travelport HX Killer:

Significantly reduces your costs, optimizes the sorting process, and avoids unnecessary transactions. Mapping structure optimization before Queue sorting. Automatic creation of missing categories, high level of customization. Recovery from errors and critical faults.

Travelport HX Killer

4. Travelport Login ID:

There are many benefits to having a MyTravelport account and registering for one is easy. Go to MyTravelport at Depending on how your organization is configured, you may already have credentials to log in or be required to self-register. For a visual guide to self-registering, refer to Register for a MyTravelport account.

Travelport login, id, portal

5. Travelport OTA:

Download now the first in a series of commentaries that we’ll be sharing with you to offer our insights on how Travelport is helping online travel agencies (OTAs) around the world to win online – by driving differentiation, conversion, revenue and growth UP!

Travelport OTA

6. Travelport Smartpoint:

Getting modern just got easier. Introducing Smartpoint Cloud, the storefront that transforms the experience of selling and servicing trips. It’s the easiest, fastest way to access content on Travelport+, the only travel retailing platform designed with agents in mind. Its upgraded interface helps you earn more, wow customers, and stay on top of your game.

Travelport Smartpoint

7. Travelport Mobile Agent:

Leave your laptop at the office and access Galileo, Apollo, or Worldspan through your mobile devices when you are on the go. Log in using the same, secure credentials as you currently use. Create, access, and work on current bookings stored in your system anytime, anywhere, and be as mobile as your clients.

Travelport TMA

8. Travelport TTS Webagent:

TTS WebAgent offers an intuitive experience that provides travel agents with a web-based easy and fast GDS work environment for desktops and laptops.

Travelport TTS Webagent

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