Rarotonga or Fiji – Find out which island is best for your next vacation

So you’ve begun planning that wonderful island vacation, your yearly leave has accrued, and you’re eager to reclaim your summer glow. All you have to decide now is whether you want to spend your vacation in Fiji or Rarotonga. People who live in New Zealand, are so close to the picture-perfect Pacific Islands. I can’t help but think of somewhere warm with a lovely beach and clear ocean when I imagine my ideal vacation. It’s quite wonderful to be able to access this just a few hours  flight away. If you’re considering about visiting the islands, I strongly advise you to do so! However, picking which Pacific Island to visit might be difficult at times.

Fiji holiday

What to expect in Fiji

Fiji is one of the more touristic islands, which means it can get quite crowded! When arranging your Fiji vacation, aim to avoid the school holidays in Australia and New Zealand if at all possible. Outside of the holidays, prices are usually a little lower.

Fiji is also somewhat commercialized, so if you want to have a true island vacation on one of the picture-perfect beaches, you’ll have to fly to one of the smaller islands.

You will not run out of things to do on your Fiji vacation if you plan ahead of time what activities you want to spend your days with. Many resorts include both motorized and non-motorized toys for you to enjoy. Although some resorts charge extra for this facility.

Where to stay in Fiji

There are numerous accommodation possibilities in Fiji. When it comes to luxury resorts, you have a lot of options. The majority of them are on Denarau Island, but if you want a more romantic getaway, head to one of the smaller islands. You will arrive at Nadi Airport and will need to board a boat to get to these smaller islands. These are accessible by car if you are staying on the Coral Coast or Denarau Island.

Best Things To Do In Fiji

  1. Island hopping at Yasawa islands
  2. Visit Taveuni or the “Garden Island” of Fiji
  3. A visit to Fiji’s “The sleeping giant’s garden”
  4. Surf some huge waves in Mamanucas
  5. Enjoy shopping in Fiji’s markets
  6. Have an awesome time in the sand
  7. Enjoy Watching Fiji’s fire walking festival
  8. Visit Kula Eco Park
  9. Enjoy Beqa lagoon diving
  10. Tasting original Fijian food

Fiji Honeymoon

Rarotonga holiday

What to expect in Rarotonga

Despite its tiny size, Rarotonga is well-established, with a wide range of accommodation alternatives. There isn’t much to do, yet it is so beautiful that you could spend all day relaxing on the beach. Something about this island and the charming folks makes you want to come back for more. There isn’t much to see and do in Rarotonga; there aren’t as many tourist activities as there are in Fiji. If you’re looking for a place to relax and take rest, this is the place to go. The residents are friendly, and there are several excellent restaurants, but it is a small town. It takes roughly 45 minutes to drive around the island.

Where to stay in Rarotonga

I came here with my family and rented a house, which is ideal if you want to get away from the crowded resorts. If a resort is more your taste, though, there are lots of possibilities. Staying at Muri Beach is something I would suggest. It’s at a good location, so you can walk down the beach and choose from a variety of restaurants. You can also snorkel right off the beach, and kayaks can be rented if you want to be a little more active.

Rarotonga vs Fiji

Best Things To Do In Rarotonga

  1. Tikioki Marine Reserve is a great place to go snorkeling.
  2. Enjoy the Cruise with Captain Tama
  3. Visit Punanga Nui Market to eat and shop.
  4. Watch the Sunset on the island’s west side.
  5. Paddle boarding during Nighttime
  6. Night Show and Cultural Village Tour
  7. Enjoy eating Villi’s Burgers.
  8. Climb Te Rua Manga
  9. Take a tour at Matutu Brewery
  10. Climb the Black Rock Beach Rocks


All of the islands are beautiful and no matter which one you choose, you won’t be disappointed. It all depends on what you want to get out of your vacation. Plan a vacation to Rarotonga for pure relaxation and a vacation to Fiji for adventure and luxurious accommodations.




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