Qatar Quarantine Hotel Booking

You cannot book directly from the hotel website. You can only book from Qatar Airways Holidays in partnership with Discover Qatar. Check the availability of hotels on the Discover Qatar/Qatar Airways Holidays booking page for your desired flight date. we zooFamily – Online Travel Community helps you to book your Qatar Quarantine Hotel Package.
How much does hotel quarantine cost Qatar?
Discover Qatar’s Welcome Home hotel quarantine package prices start from QR 2,300. Included are three meals per day on a full board basis, a PCR test, and one-way transfers from HIA on arrival.

There are 2 categories of Welcome Home Hotel Quarantine Bookings and 1 category for those with Mekaines/Mukaynis on their EEP:

  • Arrivals on flights from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.
  • Arrivals on flights and via the Abu Samra border from all other Red Zone Countries
  • Mekaines/Mukaynis Quarantine
Who will pay for hotel quarantine in Qatar?
Citizens, residents, and visitors shall bear the cost of the hotel quarantine for (7) days, if the hotel quarantine criteria apply, provided that the booking made through “Discover Qatar​” before their travel abroad.

Looking for other quarantine packages? Contact one of the “zooFamily- Online Travel Community” advisors for more options!

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Who all is exempt from hotel quarantine?

Apart from citizens and residents coming from countries in the Green List, here are all the other categories of passengers exempt from hotel quarantine upon return to Qatar:

  • ​Unvaccinated children aged below 18, whether returning from travel alone or with their parents, are home quarantined for (7) days, provided that both parents are vaccinated
  • Vaccinated individuals who received their second dose in Qatar and have not completed the specified period of (14) days from the date of the second dose are home quarantined for (7) days or until they complete the duration of (14) days following the second dose, whichever is shorter.
  • Unvaccinated individuals aged 75 and above are home quarantined with one escort from the same household.
  • Pregnant women returning to the country with their vaccinated husbands, or a vaccinated relative from the same household.
  • Lactating mothers and their infants aged 2 years and below returning to the country with their vaccinated husbands or a vaccinated relative from the same household.
  • Unvaccinated patients treated abroad at the expense of the State with one escort from the same household. This applies after assessing the patient’s health condition by the relevant department at MOPH.

Hotel quarantine guidelines

For the duration of the 7-day quarantine, guests are subject to strict measures outlined in the guidelines as follows:

  • Guests are not allowed to leave their rooms
  • Guests are not allowed to access hotel facilities such as pool, restaurant, gym, etc
  • Guests will have their meals delivered to their rooms
  • Guests will be permitted to order food online and receive personal item deliveries. However, said personal items will not be allowed to leave the hotel until the quarantine period has elapsed
  • Guests are not allowed to receive visitations of any kind
  • Guests may share a room only with family members (a maximum of two adults and one child per room)
  • Guests will have access to laundry facilities (at a cost)

Who this is for Arrivals into Doha on flights from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam only. You will not be permitted to board your flight without a confirmed quarantine reservation.

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