What is a Malaysia work visa?

A work visa is a work permit that allows the foreign nationals to work in Malaysia for a particular period of time. All foreign nationals are required to have a work permit to take up an employment legally in Malaysia.


To be eligible for the Work visa in Malaysia, the candidate must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The applicant must have a valid passport
  • Passport must have a remaining validity of at least 18 months
  • The foreign national applying for work permit must be 27 years and above (exception in IT sector, where required minimum of 23 years).


Types of Malaysia Work Visas

Depending on the type of job and skills, there are different types of visas that are issued when obtaining a work permit to Malaysia. They are as follows:

  • Employment Pass: This permit is issued to the employees with specific skills. It is usually issued for technical or managerial jobs in Malaysia.
  • Temporary Employment Pass: This pass issued to foreign nationals for employment for less than 2 years or salary less than RM 5000.
  • Professional Visit Pass: It is issued to those who remain employed by the company in your home country but required to visit Malaysia for work purpose for a period up to 6 months.

Regular Visa (sticker)


Processing Fee

BDT     2,500.00

BDT     2,500.00

Visa Fee*

BDT        600.00

BDT        600.00

Bank Transaction Charge

BDT          30.00

BDT        262.50


BDT     3,130.00

BDT     3,362.50

Payment Mode

Pay Order

Credit Card (online payment)

*Note: Visa fee for Bangladesh passport is BDT 600. Visa fee may vary according to nationality of the applicant

Documents required for Malaysia work Visa

  • Valid Passport
  • Duly filled application form
  • Copies of education certificates
  • Past employment testimonials
  • 2 recent color photographs
  • Detailed description of the type of work to be performed by the applicant in Malaysia
  • Company’s employment letter


Application Process

Follow the below mentioned application process that is followed in Malaysia:

  • Before applying for the permit, the applicant must get a job offer letter from the sponsoring company
  • Once you have done that, fill out the application form online along with all the required documents.
  • Pay the online fee
  • Once the application process is done, you can check the status of the application online.
  • Now all you have to do is to wait for your visa.



The work permits for Malaysia are usually issued for a period between 6 months and 5 years. However, it may vary from the Employment term and depends on various other details.


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