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Travel portal development may be a well-designed and automatic web-based online booking system. The software or application is specially designed for travel management companies, destination management companies, corporate businesses, B2B & B2C travel agencies, tour operators, and interested travel business people.

What is a web travel portal or OTA?

Online travel portals or online travel agents (OTAs) are websites like Expedia,, Tripadvisor, et al that compares prices of flights, hotels, tours, visas,s and other travel-related activities. they need an outsized inventory of flight tickets, hotel rooms, tours, etc thanks to the GDS integration services.

Which is that the best travel portal in Bangladesh?

There few companies in Bangladesh that provide travel technology and solutions. We zooFamily Online Travel Community one among them, provide OTA development and solutions. For interested persons or companies can knock us for travel technology and solutions. Our solutions are customizable as per your business module. you’ll contact also zooIT – Information Technology Company for your OTA development.

How much does it cost to create a travel website?

A travel portal with basic features would obviously cost lesser than one with advanced features. Moreover, a travel website with easy functionality usually costs is around $3500. the value increases respectively for medium to high complex functionality apps. But white label price is comparably low price, around $650.

How do I integrate travel API on my website?

To start using travel APIs, developers got to integrate them first. also as discuss the terms and conditions with the travel API provider and sign the agreement. When the travel API is implemented, a user of a third-party resource can hook up with the system and begin checking out details. also, you’ll buy our flight and hotel API.

How do I create my OTA or travel portal website?

To create a travel booking website, you would like to mind the subsequent requirements:

Purchasing a website name or sub-domain and hosting.
Choosing a CMS or technology partner which will power your site.
Selecting a travel booking website template.
Integrating your travel booking website with an API for tours, packages, flights, hotels, tickets, etc.
If you select Whitelabel then you don’t need any API.

For details, you have to contact us! Demo: We have 3 packages for your OTA development. To know more click our packages:

For details, you may call or Whatsapp us – +8801978569299 | 8801978569296

Most dynamic travel portal development company: 

zooFamily is the Best Travel Portal Development Company that works from Bangladesh and provides travel portal software services for B2C and B2B models and travel portal API integration for online hotel booking system, flight booking system, tour reservation system, e-Visa portal, payment gateway integration, and more features. We are centered around designing smart travel websites for travel companies, agencies, and tour operators to help them centralize their operations, enhance customer experience, and strengthen their marketing strategies.

Take control of the interface:

integrating with zooFamily API’s allows you to have full control of the user interface you choose to use. Whether you are a consumer having a b2b brand, we leave plenty of space for your imagination on how the next-gen booking system should look like. Our Travel APIs & Booking engine serves as a single point of access to numerous resources, across all product categories, and extends tremendous time and cost savings to travel Companies looking to develop their own applications Our API integration services help you integrate inventory with third-party applications. We can also consume data from a wide range of third-party sources. zooFamilyhas a lot of experience working with demand-side platforms that integrate popular GDS / Consolidators APIs including Amadeus / Travelport Galileo, Sabre, etc.


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