Importance Of Aircraft Inspections


Aircraft inspections and repairs can be done on-site or off-site depending on your destination and airport. Both scheduled and unscheduled inspections. And repairs are needed for every aircraft to make sure they are operational and safe to fly. Scheduled inspections and repairs are usually part of the airline’s policy. Because it is more economical to do so and because it makes the aircraft safer.


If you fly out of a major airport, then you have the option of having your aircraft inspected and repaired on site by a professional service. The inspection would take place the day before the flight and you would not be allowed to fly for a few days after the inspection in most cases. Most major airports offer this type of service. Some small airports also offer this type of service.

Heck Air Aircraft Maintenance:

The alternative for smaller airports would be to have the aircraft inspected and repaired either on-site. Otherwise have a progressive inspection performed. Progressive inspections are when an aircraft is inspected once every five years and all 100-hour of maintenance is inspected every three years. With this type of policy, an aircraft will be inspected once per year. And all maintenance tasks will be performed according to the carrier manual. With the progressive inspection, an aircraft would be inspected once per year and all maintenance tasks would be performed according to the carrier manual. Both types of aircraft inspections are very common.


When it comes to scheduled aircraft inspections, it is usually the airplane’s operator that schedules them. If you book your own plane you may have less control over when the plane is inspected but you still have some control. You can usually arrange to have your plane inspected a week prior to your flight if you so desire. If you just recently bought your plane then there is usually no time table to set up your own scheduled inspection. Some airlines do have different rules depending on the model of your plane. In most cases the manufacturer does all the scheduling.


Most people schedule their scheduled maintenance annually. This means they have their plane inspected once a year. These schedule is also usually followed by all other major airline companies. If you book your airplane directly with them, they may have a more flexible schedule where they can schedule inspections at any time of the year.


you find out the details of their scheduled maintenance program before you buy. Not all airlines require you to purchase a maintenance program. Find out what the airline requires for your particular model. Some maintenance programs are expensive to put on your record. Find out if the record requirements are going to be higher if you buy the aircraft in the same building as other maintenance has been done. With these tips, you can learn about scheduled aircraft inspections. And hopefully save money and schedule more efficient trips with less down time for your crew.

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