Co-working space Uttara

In the era of entrepreneurs and start-ups, Bangladesh is experiencing a growing need for convenient working spaces. This is where co-working spaces come in.

Co-working spaces are basically shared spaces where people, working in different fields, work independently or cohesively in groups. The first co-working space was in fact a hackerspace called C-Space, founded in 1995, where coders and digital enthusiasts worked together in a common space. Since the inception of the idea, it has spread worldwide to such an extent that August 9th 2010 has been declared as ‘International Co-working Day’. While start-ups and freelancers are most commonly seen using these spaces, large companies and non-profit firms have used them all the same. Over 1.2 million people have worked at co-working spaces globally as of 2018.

Over the years, the number of co-working spaces has increased exponentially with some of the top companies worldwide generating some of the best brands in the world out of them. For example, zooFamily in Bangladesh, are offering a space for co-working.

With the emergence of mass travel, co-working spaces in exotic getaway locations like uttara in Dhaka, it undoubtedly offers an enhanced networking opportunity unlike any other with the obvious pro being that you get to travel while at work.

zooFamily is offering a professional and quite environment to work in and also making to give you a feel like home.

With all the facilities like wifi, conference table, meeting room, kitchenary, bunk bed and many more.

From staying the night to working in the day, zooFamily is offering an experience like no other!