Be Our Sub Agent

Travel business has changed a lot in recent times. The travel agencies no longer just informs the customer about the availability of the flights, their schedule, issue the ticket and get commission from the airline. Now with the online travel agency software, customers can book online. That’s why most of the travel startups are actually following the OTA model.

Focusing on what best you can offer, is the key to success. Best hotels in a specific geography, top sightseeing and transfer tours. You can give them personalized service. This will make the customer take you as a reliable agency and they will feel more secure during their travel. Your customers should feel confident that you will arrange everything possible for them: hire a car, find their favorite cuisine, and so on.

Here are some points in starting a new travel agency :

  • Register your agency’s name and take license as per your local laws
  • Take membership in IATA or any other reputed travel organization
  • Learn about the travel industry thoroughly
  • Start and get your travel website development done by a professional company. You can also get a top travel software integrated.
  • Give maximum publicity to your new firm.
  • Offer the deals, which are focusing to specific geography. Focusing on a niche will bring the accolades quickly.
  • Take help of travel portal development company to set up the right web presence for you.

Do write to us to set up a web demo of online travel software – DEMO

How We Work With Travel Agents:

  • The use of our tools is totally free. They become available immediately after you register. Unlike traditional booking systems, we don’t charge anything to connect you to the network.
  • We pay 100BDT  for each air ticket booking and Hotel 50BDT.
  • You don’t need to teach your staff how to work with the booking system. All our tools are intuitive, straightforward, and easy and ready for use instantly and for your own GDS handling, we also provide training.
  • The prices we find are truly the lowest. That’s because airline tickets are searched for in five booking systems, 45 agencies, and 728 airline companies. Hotels are searched for in 67 online booking systems, such as,,,,,,, etc.even we have  2% rebate program on Agoda .(condition for a rebate: you need to pay by your Bankcard)
  • When working with us, you can offer your customer a full set of travel services and get a commission for the sale. The more services you provide (which helps increase customer loyalty, the more you earn.
  • API: If you are a webmaster, you can add our ready-made widgets for the search of airline tickets and booking hotels, or create a White Label on your subdomain, which will enable your customers and staff to look for tickets without being redirected. But for that, we charge 2500BDT as a service charge.
  • If you are non-IATA travel agent than don’t worry, we support full of IATA Travel agents, which we called B2B IATA program. but you need to commit two things with us:
  1. B2B 3 days payment module.
  2. Before flight payments commitment.

***(Benefits of B2B IATA program: 7% Discounts out of 7% commission, only service charge applicable)

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Real-time access to online bookings, availability of stock
  • Automated bookings confirmation
  •  commissions rebate for Travel agents and Corporates
  • Attractive online booking incentive we pay 100BDT  for each air ticket booking and Hotel 50BDT
  • Availability 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year
  • Safety to clients by the use of secure payment gateways
  • Offer different languages & currencies in booking prices according to client choice
  • Post payments facilities for Travel agents 3days

Sub Agent Requirements
Please go through the files for our requirements for sub-agents.we need all of your documents to be our sub-agents. If you are interested to be our subagent please come with those documents to our office. and you can also contact this no:
Mr Monoj Roy
Executive Director
Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd