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“Traveling Is The Only Thing You Buy  That Makes You Richer and undoubtedly it’s the world’s best practical education.”

How does TravelZoo Bangladesh Ltd affect the Travel Industry?
The company founded on 10 March 2012, Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd is an IATA-approved travel agency in Bangladesh and its official website www.zooholiday.com. Ever since its inception, the company has become a very well -renowned brand in the travel industry of the country, as it continues to positively influence the market.

The core connection between Travel & zoo
As human beings, there are so many different things we don’t know about the world. As technology advanced, humans traveled to the moon and discovered the existence of water on its surface. Anywhere we human beings go to, we always try to preserve the memories. At the start of human existence, humans didn’t know much about any animal. That is why, whenever they traveled, they collected animals from different countries and placed those animals in a specific place, which we now call a ‘zoo’. The idea of a zoo came into being a long time back, originating in the ancient cultures of China, the Middle East, and then the Roman Empire.As people started to travel and explore the unknown even more, through long distances, they began to discover even more animals. This idea of traveling leading to the formation of zoos gave us the inspiration to connect travel and zoo.

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What Is zooFamily?
“zooFamily” is a brand name consisting of three companies. Our three companies are  Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd (Travel-Agency) , Airways Office (International Travel Blog Company), zoo Info Tech (A Foundation Of Information and Technology). We are not doing business for money making only. In fact, we make contributions to society through our income from all our three companies. We are a team and family who work for people, corporates and nations. Our profession is our passion!

How we became a Brand “zooFamily“
Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd (zooholiday.com) continuously trying to provide the best deal to their clients. Click the link below and see some of our amazing projects. Which we promoting by the name of zooFamily.  By those project now zooFamily is a known brand of Bangladesh.

Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd (ZooHoliday.com)
Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. official website is www.zooholiday.com and we provide best prices for Worldwide Air ticket, Hotel Booking, Holiday Packages, and Worldwide Tourist Visa Assistance facilities from Bangladesh. We always provide travel information and services via phone and social media and Email. We ensure to provide better services in a short time frame, which make difference to other travel agents. That’s why we are Top Travel Agent in Bangladesh market, Who has over 160 sub travel agents and a lot of corporate. Our “corporate deal with various airlines” is very famous in the Bangladeshi travel industry, that’s why Travel agents to corporate choose us.

 Our Projects 

Zoo InfoTech is a full service of the information technology industry. The company Founded inMarch 2017. Recently the company developing travel technology with Airways office. The company’s sister concern is Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd, which is the top travel agent in Bangladesh market.Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the Travel industry. Our core of work is Courses | Foundation | Service.

Our Courses & Service:

  1. Free Online Travel Business Development Course & service.
  2. Free Airline & GDS Training on reservation course and opportunities to work as an affiliate partner with Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd.
  3. Free Travel & Airline’s content writing Course and Service
  4. Travel Website Development with API or White Level (Platform: B2B or B2C)
  5. Digital Marketing Course and service
  6. SEO Course and Service
  7. Email and Telemarketing Course and Service
  8. Graphic Design and Video Editing Course and Service
  9. WordPress Development and Customization Course and Service
  10. Affiliate Marketing Course and Service

Our Foundational Work:

Education is one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty. Our country is world’s one of the most populated country and job market are very competitive. So the young generation lives a frustrated life after graduation which is a vital issue to convert a person in a negative way. we believe everyone has the talent and Online is a source of earning and a platform to prove their self. zoo family it’s an educational foundation, Where youth can learn about information technology and can earn from those information technologies knowledge. And we provide this Information Technology (I.T.) education free of cost. Because its the most effective way to build a bright career from anywhere. You just need proper I.T. knowledge and a laptop with internet. Our main goal to remove unemployment from our nation. So if the money problem solves 98% problem-solving. Everyone can solve their problem, just they need your support, proper education system, and training. Side of free I.T. education we arrange various Help campaign.


Airways Office is an information-based website where you will get all resources of travel and airways company’s information. The idea came at 2016 from Mr.Luthfe Ali and his team work on it. We are ready to give service to the people for any information on airways office and travel-related information. Like airways office address, contact details and also Air ticket confirmation, booking, issue, reissue, cancellation, and other problems solutions. Airways Office is a member of IATA since 2013.