10 Best Beautiful Place In Bangladesh For Visiting On Holiday

Bangladesh I extremely excellent place which is situated in South Asia. This nation is well-known for traveling. Consistently thousand of individuals come to Bangladesh to make the most of its magnificence and end up noticeably shocked. Individuals of Bangladesh welcome foreigner for going by and they help individuals in any capacity conceivable.

Best beautiful place in Bangladesh. It is a very tough task when someone tells you to pick up one or two item from 500 hundred items. So, it is a really hard task for me to pick up only someplace as there are many beautiful places in Bangladesh. Though, I have selected the best beautiful place in Bangladesh for you.

1. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest best

Sundarbans is the largest and beautiful mangrove forest in the world. It is a UNESCO heritage site. Most of the part of this forest is in Bangladesh. Sundarbans is a home of many popular and untamed animal. Royal Bengal tigers live here which does not find any other country. You can go to this place your holiday with family. Winter season is the best time for going to. For this all features of Sundarbans, this has come to the top of this list.

2.The Chittagong Hill Tracts

Chittagong Hill track is an actually lovely place brimming with wonderful hills. It is a home of numerous tribal gatherings of Bangladesh. this is the best place in Bangladesh for experience travel. you can trek somewhere inside the hills for a long time here on the off chance that you can oversee authorization from the authority. Likewise, you can meet distinctive tribal gatherings in this area and see their way of life. There is the most delightful stream in Bangladesh called Sangu waterway.


Srimangal is another beautiful place in Bangladesh. Srimangal is called Bangladesh’ capital by the people. This place is situated in the north-east part of Bangladesh. You will discover lavish green tea plants. It soothes one’s eyes. Birds are twittering always here. The malni chho tea garden is here. It is the first tea garden in Bangladesh. A truly pleasant and quiet place. Pushing through the trails inside the tea ranches here could be one of beautiful thing you can do in Bangladesh. Additionally worth going to is the Lawachhara National Park, and trek to Hamham waterfalls. You can without much of a stretch go through a couple of days here with nature.


Rangamati is the best beautiful place in Bangladesh.Rangamati is situated in Chittagong Hill-Tracks and it is Chittagong’s district. Kaptai Lake is the main attraction in this district. Generally, people come here to this beautiful lake. This lake is surrounded by a lot of attractive hills. Visitors come here, take a boat and enjoy the boat journey on it over and spend their great time. Tribal groups which are in some district, Rangamati is one of them where they live. You can talk with the tribal groups and can know their culture. Rangamati is also popular for its handicraft market. Here, you will find different kinds of handicraft for buying and there are not much expansive. Also, a Buddhist monastery named is Rajban Bihar is made this place very attractive to the visitors. With all these features, it has become one of the best beautiful places in Bangladesh.


If you go Bangladesh north-western part, there, you will find a small place which name is Paharpur. It is the most favorable place for visitors. It contains the most important site named is Somapuri Mahabharat. This is a UNESCO heritage site. On the 8th century, it took place 2nd largest Buddhist monastery. Generally, this place is well known to monks for higher education because famous monks of the world come here to increase their knowledge.

6.St.Martin’s Island

Another best beautiful place in Bangladesh is St.Martin’s Island. Visitors not only Bangladesh but also all over the world visit this place for enjoying it eye-catching and attractive scenery. Local people generally come to this place morning and leave in the afternoon. Then, this place becomes quiet. After becoming quite, its beauty enhances and spread. If you want to go a quite and calm place an attractive and popular place, this may be your choice.


Gaur is a demolished city from an old and medieval period. It is situated in the India and Bangladesh fringe. The city was on its prime time amid twelfth to the fourteenth century. It turned into the capital of the entire Bengal district. It was an extremely rich and well off the city in the medieval period, which was at long last relinquished in light of cholera. A portion of the lovely mosques of Gaur is as yet staying taken cover behind the mango plantations. Archeological branch of Bangladesh has done some astonishing rebuilding work to some of these mosques. This is a stunning spot to visit for the history lovers.


Sylhet is a normally excellent place in the northeastern piece of Bangladesh, near the Meghalaya territory of India. It has numerous excellent spots to visit. Lalakhal’s green water, stone gathering territory Jaflong, Ratargul overwhelm woods, and a significant number of its tea gardens are the attractions to visit Sylhet. You can likewise meet some extraordinary tribal people in Sylhet, uniquely in Jaflong. Here you can meet the Khasia tribal individuals who develop betel leaves in the woods.


Barisal is a remarkable place situated on the core of Ganges Delta. Life in Barisal is completely in view of the stream. The primary fascination in visit Barisal is to encounter the one of a kind life and culture of the general population of this locale. You can visit it’s skimming markets, bazaars, schools, and towns to encounter the one of a kind culture of Barisal. Rainstorm is the best place to visit this locale when it’s various drives and channels turn out to be loaded with water and nature turn out to be exceptionally green. Additionally, it is the ideal opportunity for the skimming guava markets, which are exceptionally photogenic.


Puthia is a tiny town in Rajshahi brimming with delightful Hindu sanctuaries. The biggest number of verifiable sanctuaries in Bangladesh are found in Puthia, some of which are exceptionally all around kept up. These sanctuaries are one of a kind in the plan.This is an unquestionable requirement going by put in the event that you visit Bangladesh.

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