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 Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd. is an IATA-approved top B2B travel agent in Bangladesh, who works With “Travel Inventory & Technology” including Air Tickets, Visa Processing, Hotel booking, And Holiday Packages. We always provide travel information and services via phone and social media, Email, and websites. Our B2B travel portal is a unique travel search engine that allows finding the best flights, hotels, tours, and visa information. We working with travel inventory & technology. Travelzoo BD Ltd. provides travel inventory support to the Bangladesh B2B travel marketplace. We are the Top B2B Travel Agent in the Bangladesh market, Which has over 200+  sub travel agents and a lot of corporates. Our “corporate deal with various airlines” is very famous in the Bangladeshi travel industry, that’s why Travel agents to corporate choose us! And we are one of the award-winning top B2B travel agents in Bangladesh. Register for your B2B I’d from the Website: www.b2b.zoo.family, A valid trade license is needed to open a B2B I’D. We will help you to start your travel business with us! zooFamily – Travel Agents Community provides all kinds of travel business supports. So let’s do the business together.

What is zooFamily?

“zooFamily” is a travel agents community of Bangladesh aviation and travel industries. We help to generate a travel company from any countries. In the travel business, there are two-part. One is “Travel Inventory” which means travel products and another is “Travel Technology” which means a web-based application or OTA software. The technology helps to make an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and an OTA system is connected to Airlines API, Travel Agents API, and Hotels API and software’s features. Where the software is connected with CRM data, accounts data, currency, payment gateway, markup policy, and more user interface. With us, you can develop your travel business not only locally but also global marketplace!

The community organizers have more than 10 years of work experience to work with the travel inventory and technology business. With our OTA Software, a person could develop his/her career in the aviation trade and travel industries. Though our organizers are Travelzoo Bangladesh Ltd., Airways Office, and zooIT – Travel Technology company.  But “zooFamily – Travel Agents Community” is a NON-Profitable B2B travel business module. Travel-Agents, Airlines, and Hotels are part of our travel agents community. And our community umbrella is a shade of unity, travel technology, information, and services. Our training and workshop create value to develop your travel business and career. With us, A travel agent, Hotels, Airlines can develop their solutions and business! Our assistance provides all kinds of travel business services, solutions, and support. Our goal, To achieve the best travel deals and serve the online travel industry. Our search engine allows finding the best travel deals from many online travel suppliers, hotels, and Airlines. For Global standard maintenance, our organizer has taken 2 IATA (International Air Transport Association)membership. And the other hand our organizer zooIT- Travel Technology company is a member of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services). We believe the Travel business is a combination of travel inventory and technology. So “zooFamily” Travel Agents Community stands for your online travel business support, where we serve more than “Airlines & Travel Agents”. Our passion is our profession, We believe the sky is ours!


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